Unlimited Licence

This licence is optimal for those organisations which have the capability of producing datasets ‘in-house’ or are seeking multiple datasets using data from OPCRD in a year.

The cost of the unlimited licence is a one-off £190,000 (£95,000 being the academic rate) per year.

Unlimited licence holders will be able to securely access the whole of the OPCRD database by way of a secure VPN for a one-year period. These customers will be able to produce as many datasets as they wish (having first received ADEPT approval for the dataset), and may host such datasets on their own servers during the licence period.

OPC can also produce datasets for unlimited licence holders. Holders of an unlimited licence will be offered a 50% discount on such datasets produced by OPC, with the following rates being available:

Number of subjects Commercial Rate Academic Rate
Less than 1,000 subjects £6,000 £3,000
1,000 to 50,000 subjects £14,500 £7,250
50,000 to 100,000 subjects £17,000 £8,500
100,000 to 300,000 subjects £19,000 £9,500
Over 300,000 subjects £25,000 £12,500

Also, the following services will be offered to the holders of this licence at the following discounted rates:

  • Bespoke data to be collected in accordance with protocol requirements – cost of £800 per additional practice recruited (£400 being the academic rate)
  • Bespoke data to be collected via questionnaires to answer unique study questions – cost of £40 per data subject (£20 being the academic rate)
  • A feasibility report of a study protocol can be provided free of charge, up to a maximum of 5 feasibility requests per year. The one of cost of subsequent requests is £2,500 (£1,250 for academic institutions).

For instance, if an academic organisation holding an Unlimited Licence additionally requires a dataset created by OPC containing records of 400,000 patients, the total fee would be calculated as follows:

£95,000 (Unlimited Licence fee for academic organisations) + £12,500 (Dataset access fee for academic organisations – Over 300,000 subjects) = £107,500 (Full fee)