Standard licence

Our standard option is for those who require one-off datasets produced using OPCRD data. A Dataset will be produced by our highly skilled and experienced team in line with the requested specification. All the primary care data associated with each patient in a study specific dataset is provided as a series of text files.

The Dataset will be transferred to the customer by a secured-encrypted file transfer, from which it can then be held on the customer’s server during the licence period. The licence period shall be one year from delivery.

The standard rates for accessing OPCRD datasets will depend on the number of subjects, with the following options being available:

Number of Subjects Commercial Rate Academic Rate
Less than 1,000 subjects £12,000 £6,000
1,000 to 50,000 subjects £29,000 £14,500
50,000 to 100,000 subjects £34,000 £17,000
100,000 to 300,000 subjects £38,000 £19,000
Over 300,000 subjects £50,000 £25,000


A range of additional services will be offered to the holders of this licence at the following rates:

  • Bespoke data to be collected in accordance with protocol requirements – cost of £1000 per additional practice recruited (£500 being the academic rate)
  • Bespoke data to be collected via questionnaires to answer unique study questions – cost of £50 per data subject (£25 being the academic rate)
  • We can provide a feasibility report at a one-off cost of £4,000 (£2,000 for academic institutions).

For instance, if a non-academic organisation requires a dataset containing records of 200,000 patients and additionally requests bespoke data collected from 10 practices, the full fee would be calculated as follows:

£38,000 (Dataset access fee for commercial organisations – 100,000 to 300,000 subjects) + £1000 (Fee for an additionally recruited practice for non-academic organisations) * 10 (Number of additionally recruited practices) = £48,000 (Full fee)